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Be mindful and be conscious in the now.  Aerial yoga is not just a physical practice, but a practice of presence.  Presence keeps all safe from harm during practice. 


Create tension in the hammock for it to support the body.  Creating slack, ie loose hammock, should only be intentional, as in some poses.


Relax, breathe and trust that the hammock will hold the body and everything comes easier.


To flow is to laugh at imperfections and embrace all feelings and emotions.  To resist is to create the fear in the mind and be frustrated by the learning experience, which hinders the joy of a practice.  This is particularly evident in inversions and unfamiliar poses to the mat practice.


The plumbline is the invisible line going straight down from the centre of the two attachments / pivot points to the mat.  It is where gravity pulls to and never wavers.  At the PURE Yoga studios, stand underneath the metal bar between the two attachments.  Swinging should only happen when purposeful.

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