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Aerial Yoga Beginners' Workshop

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines traditional Yoga methodology and the alignment principles of Iyengar Yoga with weightlessness for flexibility, strength and deep relaxation. The aerial hammock serves as a prop, which makes it possible for all levels to experience fun and ease in a yoga practice.


Aerial yoga increases joint mobility, decompresses the vertebrae of the spine, opens the hips, removes weight from the knees, increases blood flow to the brain, mellows the nervous system and inspires the kid inside us to learn and explore new things. The aerial hammock makes some challenging poses on the mat more accessible.


Contraindications for aerial yoga include but are not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery, recent brain injury, very high or low blood pressure, and cardiovascular conditions. Contraindications relating to inversions generally apply in aerial yoga. It is important to inform the teacher of any medical conditions or concerns that may limit the practice or safety. All practitioners should evaluate the appropriateness of the practice for individual health.

Etiquette / Preparation

Indicate special instructions relating to the aerial hammock, including explaining the setup, including the daisy chain, carabiners, hammock fabric – that it stretches on its width, but not on the length.


The Practice

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