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Healing Stones

  • Amethyst - Purple (varying shades from light to dark) - Precious: Used to open, stimulate, and balance.  Amethyst is a healing stone that offers wisdom, healing, and protection from harm.

  • Moldavite - Dark green - Semi-precious: Used to cleanse, stimulate, and balance.  Not only can Moldavite clear negativity it can restore balance to the entire chakra system.  It is good for promoting a new perspective and enhancing dreams and dream recall.

  • Purple Fluorite - Purple - Semi-precious: Used to stimulate and balance.  This stone dispels negativity while promoting intuition and mental clarity and focus.

  • Black Obsidian - Black - Semi-precious: Used to stimulate and balance.  Obsidian is good for expelling negativity and chakra blockages while helping enhance emotional control.

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