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Healing Stones

  • Selenite: Relatively Clear - Crystalline Mineral: Opens and activates the third eye, crown chakra and Soul Star; cleanses the auric field; clears congested energies; lifts awareness to higher planes; compels one to move forward in life; helps remove stagnation.

  • Clear Quartz: Clear - Crystalline Mineral: Amplifies energy; has memory and is programmable; brings heightened spiritual awareness; opens chakras; expands consciousness; used to communicate with guides; encourages clarity; amplifies psychic abilities; stimulates the nervous system; growth of hair and fingernails.

  • Amethyst: Purple, violet - Semi-precious: Facilitates meditation; helps communication with ones guides and angles; helps to understand the root cause of one's imbalance or disease; helps reveal self destructive patterns of the ego; helps those who feel they are not native to planet earth; used to heal addictive behaviour patterns; helps with clarity of mind.

  • Diamond: Clear - Precious: Access to divine energies; facilitates connection with higher domains; promotes truth and vision; used to clear energy fields; can help remove density in the emotional body; used as support stone for other minerals.

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