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Healing Stones

  • Rose quartz - Pink - Semi-precious: Used to open and heal. The seemingly universal rose quartz meaning calls it the stone of the heart. It’s good for aiding sleep and alleviating the physical ills associated with heart chakra imbalance. It’s also used to calm emotions, dispel negativity, and promote peace.

  • Jade - Green to white - Semi-precious; Used to balance. Jade promotes emotional and physical healing of the heart’s ills.

  • Green calcite - Semi-precious: Used to balance and stimulate. Recommended to absorb negativity and boost your physical immunity, calcite is used to promote healing and transformation.

  • Green tourmaline - Semi-precious: Used to open and stimulate. Considered a stone of rejuvenation, tourmaline promotes emotional stability and healing.

  • Green aventurine - Semi-precious; Used to activate. A stone of vitality aventurine increases focus and soothes emotions.

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