Behavioral Characteristics

  • Expression of the will

  • The “accounting mind” that categorizes and counts everything

  • Personal power

  • Establishing ideas and plans into reality



  • Excessive control and authority over your environment and people; or the opposite in case of deficiency or blockage in the sacral chakra: Feeling of helplessness, irresponsibility

  • Seeing and living through a “spreadsheet” of plus and minuses while losing sight of the whole picture

  • Being manipulative

  • Misusing power

  • Lack of clear direction, lack of purpose or ambition

  • Making plans or having a lot of ideas without finding a way to realise them

Physical Symptoms

  • Ulcers

  • Poor digestion, gas, nausea

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Diabetes

  • Asthma and other respiratory problems

  • Arthritis

  • Organ problems, especially in the liver and kidneys

  • Nerve pain and fibromyalgia

  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight



Positive, whole, self-respect, compassion, self-esteem, personal power, a sense of separate self, confidence, hope and assertive



Low self-esteem; inability to set or maintain boundaries; co-dependency; lack of self-control; depression or anxiety; addiction; anger issues; excessive stubbornness; perfectionism; overly critical / self-critical; powerless; fear; shame; rejected; self-conscious

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