Chakra Balance

There is a circuit of energy that, when flowing through our entire system properly, acts as a self-replenishing source of vitality.  When it’s trapped, it hinders our focus and breaks down our wellness little by little.  This system is controlled by our chakras.

These centres allow the flow of energy to reach every part of our bodies and minds.  That energy is essential to a healthy, vibrant life.  Chakras control the release of prana — the vital breath in our body, also referred to as our “life force” — as well as other, more subtle energies.

Chakras influence the energy flow in our entire system — that means everything from blood flow to heartbeat to thought patterns — even down to the flow of the energy of love. 

Open chakras are associated with being in great physical shape and having healthy thoughts and a balanced approach to life.  When our chakras are open and flow with vital pranic energy, our bodies and minds are balanced and our hearts are open to opportunity and adventure.