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The Practice

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Business Graphs

Grips and Wraps

Let the students feel calm, comfortable and relaxed; and where they can trust themselves, the hammock and you – the teacher.

  1. Normal grip v reverse grip – (1) hammock in front and behind; (2) shoulderstand and flips

  2. Easy (pouch) wrap v bum (booty) wrap

  3. Hammock on the sacrum 

  4. Shoulder wrap

  5. Ankle wrap in flying dog

Graphic Chart


The hammock aids upside down with better focus and ease.  Focus on breathing and let the hammock hold the body, thereby attaining a key benefit of decompression of the spine.

  1. Inversion: Easy (pouch) wrap / bum (booty) wrap

  2. Inversion: Hammock in a strap

  3. Angel Flip

Graphic Shapes


Time permitting, a glimpse of some poses


  • Standing poses

  • Leg stretch

  • Elevated ie standing on the hammock

3D- Benefits.jpg
3D - Contraindications.jpg
3D- Preparation.jpg
3D - Principles.jpg
3D - Practice.jpg
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